Stack doors are the types which provide the perfect balance between defining a space in a modern, elegant manner while at the same time giving you the security and safety benefits you need in your home or office. Stack doors are also known as folding doors. Stack doors do not swing out like regular hinged doors, but they slide on a track and can be rolled away from the one side to the other. This is one of the best ways to save space and make your company or home look very eye catching.

BlueCo Glass and Aluminium’s stack doors are quality made, so not only are you getting the highest quality aluminium and glass in your home or office, but the long-lasting, durable nature of aluminium means that BlueCo Glass and Aluminium’s stack aluminium doors are the best investment. Stack doors are the way to go!

BlueCo Glass & Aluminium offers a wide variety of stack doors to suit every type of request. We offer complete designs, fabrications, installations and repair packages, which are custom made to client specifications.

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